Stockholm Travelogue

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In August I visited a friend of mine in Sweden, where she spends her semester abroad. Since she doesn’t live too far away from Stockholm we took the chance to visit the capital of Sweden for a weekend trip with another girl who spontaneously joined us.

Stockholm_00Ecxept for very few moments the first day was very cloudy and rainy. So we decided to spend the day visiting some of Stockholms famous museums, including the Nobel-Museum, the Photography-Museum and the Vasamuseum (which is truly impressing to see this ancient ship in its complete size and imagining that it has been built about 400 years ago…).

Therefore I didn’t take so many photos on this first day but there was a second day to come (and it were a lot more then).


The next day started much better than the one before had ended. Indeed there were still some clouds in the sky, but they only brougth very few rain this day. And when the sun came through they gave a really nice dramatic atmosphere to the hole scenery.

In the afternoon even these clouds disappeared so we had a nearly cloudless blue sky.

We took the opportunity to take some nice tours through the former working class neighbourhood and todays hip an trendy district of Stockholm, Södermalm.

Here one can find lots of small wooden houses which give the impression that one’s not longer walking trough the megacity of Stockholm but through a small town on the countryside. In earlier times these were the homes of Stockholms working class, but today it’s full of beautiful small cafés and bars. Additionally Södermalm lies approximately 30 to 40 m higher than the rest of the city so it offers a great view over Stockholm from many different locations.



In the late afternoon of the second day I unfortunately had to say goodbye to my company for they had to go back home while I was going to spend another night in the city to travel to Tampere (Finland) the next morning to continue with my little Scandinavia trip.

While the sun was about to set above the city I set off to walk through the evening sun towards the small island Skeppsholmen to check in at my hostel. This hostel is something very special because it’s located on an ancient sailing boat in the harbour of Stockholm. Af Chapman is an old sailing boat, built in end of the 19th century and by this time it has become a famous landmark of Stockholm. I find it kind of likeable to not turning it into a five-star-hotel but into a youth hostel.



In this beatiful sunset I sat down on a bench at the shore of Skeppsholmen and enjoyed my selfmade dinner and the amazing view over the city and my hostel.

Originally I had planned to walk through the city looking for some nice subjects while the sunset and the blue hour give a nice atmosphere. But now I had the feeling that I had already found a great subject for my photos. So on this evening I only took photos from the island Skepsholmen.




I had two wonderful days in Stockholm in best company but the next day my journey continued. I was heading towards Finland …


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